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Nowra Public School is a school of opportunity, expectation & success.
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5 6 Term 4 Commences for students

Term 4 Commences for students

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Term 4 commences for students and staff.

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12 3B Assembly

3B Assembly

from 02:00PM to 02:45PM

Class 3B will present the Primary Assembly.

13 14 15 16 School Fete

School Fete

from 04:00PM to 09:00PM

Great variety of stalls - plenty to eat, plenty to do, plenty to buy.

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19 KP Assembly

KP Assembly

from 12:00PM to 12:45PM

Class KP present the Infants assembly in the school hall.

20 21 22 Year 6 Assessment for Nowra HS

Year 6 Assessment for Nowra HS

from 09:00AM to 11:00AM

Nowra High School will administer assessments to assist them with class placements for 2016.

23 Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

from 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Grandparents are invited for activities involving Infants classes.

Year 5 Leadership Excursion

Year 5 Leadership Excursion

from 09:30AM to 02:30PM

Excursion to Greenfields Beach for Leadership activities. All Year 5 students.

In2Uni Year 6 Visit

In2Uni Year 6 Visit

from 11:30AM to 12:30PM

In2Uni mentors to visit Year 6 students at school in the hall.

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26 5SF Assembly

5SF Assembly

from 02:00PM to 02:45PM

Class 5SF will present the Primary assembly in the hall.

27 28 29 Count Us In National Singalong

Count Us In National Singalong

from 11:45AM to 12:30PM

Students from various classes will participate in this national singalong event.

30 Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten Orientation

from 09:00AM to 12:00PM

Students enrolled for Kindergarten in 2016 will participate in orientation activities in preparation for starting school.

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Upcoming events

3B Assembly Oct 12 02:00PM
School Fete Oct 16 04:00PM
KP Assembly Oct 19 12:00PM
Year 6 Assessment for Nowra HS Oct 22 09:00AM
Grandparents Day Oct 23 09:00AM
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School Fete News

The NPS Great Fete is now only 1 week away!! All students should now have received a newsletter, rides presale order form and raffle tickets. The fete will run from 4pm-8pm with the rides running from 4pm-7pm. There will be 8... Read more

coloured pencils

School Book Pack Survey

Planning for 2016 is well underway and we are currently considering whether we will offer book and equipment packs for sale to students in 2016. We have offered them over the last two years as a way of offsetting the cost to the... Read more

Stage 2 Bakehouse Stall

The Stage 2 Bakehouse- It's Baking time!!!!! We invite all NPS parents, carers, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters to provide baked goods for "The Stage 2 Bakehouse" to be held at the NPS school fete on Friday 16th... Read more

healthy lunch

New Canteen Menu for Term 4

The new summer menu for Term 4 is out now and promises to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and snacks for Nowra Public School students and staff. Thank you to our hardworking canteen manager, Mell, and all our... Read more

Term 4 Commences for Students and Staff

Term 4 commences for students and staff on Tuesday, 6th October, 2015.... Read more